bridal shower scratch off cards
Scratch off cards for all your events and marketing programs.

Scratch off cards have become very popular as a fun marketing tool in small businesses and large events. Our scratch off stickers add fun and excitement to your business card. As a result, your customers are curious so it grabs their attention. Everyone loves to scratch and win! Here is a small list of fun marketing ideas you can use for all your events. Don’t forget we offer free scratch off templates for almost any occasion.

Marketing tools – Businesses like to send postcards to previous and current customers, updating them on their new products and additions to their product line. They use a Scratch Off Sticker to hide a special discount or deal for your customers.

Direct Sales Incentives – Direct sales representatives use scratch off cards to offer their guests a discount, create excitement at their virtual party and to encourage hostesses to book a party. It’s easy to create a fun scratch off game with the large variety of scratch off stickers available. A popular size of scratch off card is a 3.5″x 2″ business card.

Customer Incentives – Hair stylist owners can give their customers a percentage off their next order or free shipping. The scratch off cards can be personalized with prizes, offers and a gift with next visit. Custom scratch off cards include your logo, website, and a set of 4 custom coupons to offer customers.

Employee Incentives – utilize scratch off cards as incentives for employees to maintain a safe work environment. It’s easy to create a bingo card game to run through the month. Each employee is given a scratch off card when they have completed their level.

Fundraisers – Create you own fundraisers and make more money. Contact local businesses and ask them to donate gift certificates or sponsor a coupon. Add the coupon to your marketing pack and have your friends, family and neighbors scratch a circle to reveal how much they will donate for a coupon pack. 

Reward your kids – Incorporate the scratch off rewards into your kids chore system. You’ll be delighted how they will jump at the opportunity to complete their chores without asking again and again. Some suggested rewards are time with mom, dinner and a movie, Pizza night, Chuck E cheese night, computer time, and television time.

Encourage your customers to come back to redeem their scratch off card – Create a Come-back Campaign. Give them their scratch off card upon exiting your establishment, telling them they can’t scratch until they come back on their next visit. 

Add them to your Business cards – It’s easy to add them to your current business card so your business card doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Write in your offer, coupon code and then cover up with a scratch off sticker. We offer scratch off stickers in assorted sizes. Our most popular scratch off sticker is the one inch circle followed by the 1/2″ mini scratch off stickers.
Some Suggested prizes are :
10% off
Free Gift
Try again
Safety Winner
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
$10 off your next $50 order

Create your own frequent shopper card – Let customers earn a free product or a discount when they order a certain amount.

Create  Promotional Fillers – for those that do fillers or mom packs a scratch off card will make your card stand out.

Create  your own Gift Certificates –  Gift too big to wrap? Give them a scratch off card, revealing where there gift is. 

Create your own Baby Shower Games – have guest scratch off to reveal the winning prize

Make your own Scratch off Games for birthday parties – Great for children and adults- Everyone loves to scratch and win! Match the picture and you win a prize!

Weddings and Bridal Showers – Save the Date Scratch off cards can be used to announce the upcoming wedding date. Use a scratch off card to give away the centerpieces with a scratch off card game. 

You can use online graphics programs to create your own fun scratch off cards.