Is your business struggling to get customers in the door? Are you making these 3 mistakes while operating your small business? Do you want ideas on how to increase your ROI? I’ve seen businesses come and go in our small town. Lack of sales results in them closing before they really get going. Are they giving up too soon? These are some suggestions when looking to increase foot traffic into your establishment. You can adapt these to fit your stores needs.

Are you invisible? Make sure your business is visible and can be found easily.    A sign from the local printer can be worth its weight in gold. You can choose from metal and wooden signs or even vinyl graphics applied to your store front. Make sure and add your phone number and website so it’s easy to contact you.

Consider putting balloons out for your grand opening. The bright colorful bouncing balloons will catch your customer’s eye.

Are you keeping the store hours you set? Business is slow so you decide to head home early or taken an extra hour for lunch. As soon as you leave because business is slow, a potential customer will shop up. That is Murphy’s law. You want to portray a consistent business that does what they say they will. If you find you need to cut hours, remember to change your store hours on your sign in the front window, so your potential customers know of the change and can hopefully make plans to visit you again.

Are you advertising where your customers are? Do you have a way to reach your customer to let them know about your next big sale? The key to advertising is reaching your customer. Narrow down your niche and who your customer is. Get to know them and advertise where they are. Create a newsletter with a giveaway each month and/or hand out scratch off cards to be redeemed on their next visit.

Give your customer a reason to return. Give them a free scratch off card to be used on their next visit with an expiration date. They can scratch it now to see what the win or you can do a no scratch campaign and have them scratch when they return. The no scratch campaign promotes the excitement that comes with scratching off to reveal what they have won.

To be a successful, it requires hard work, motivation and changing something if it’s not working. Listening to your customers and what they want is the key to keeping and maintaining a happy customer. Happy customers tell others. There is nothing better than word of mouth advertising.

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