Custom Scratch Off Cards

All Scratch-off cards are printed on 12 point glossy color laser printer. Your cards are machine cut to ensure an accurate, professional image.
Here are samples of cards I’ve designed. and ideas for using scratch off cards.

Once you place your order, please send your logo, website, and list of promotions to terra @ easy..as logo, website, and contact information. Custom orders, please plan on 2 to 3 week turn around. Deadlines can usually be met, please call to discuss your needs.

Scratch Off Cards- You choose what to prize to put under your scratch off card.
Some Suggestions are 10% off, Free Gift, Winner, Try again, Safety Winner, Buy 1, Get 1 Free, $10 off your next $50 order

Number of Cards Number of Promotions Cost
500 up to 3  $95
1000 up to 4 $175
2000 up to 3  $275
2500 up to 5  $325


Tips on ordering your scratch off cards

1. The number of scratch off cards you would like printed.

2. The number of promotions you will need. Typically, it’s 2 promotions per 100, but can be broken up at your discretion.

3. The size of the size scratch off card you would like. The most popular sizes are standard business card size, 3.5×2  and standard post card size.

4. The kind of game you will be utilizing in your promotion. Will it be a scratch and match campaign? A free prize? A coupon incentive?

5. The number of scratch off stickers you would like on your cards.

6. The kind of paper you would like your scratch off cards printed on. Standard card stock is recommended. Most office stores carry a lighter weight paper than used to be readily available. Make sure you tell your printer or business card designer that you would like 12 or 14 point card stock. If you want a glossy card, ask for UV coating and don’t forget to ask about other finishing options available for your scratch off game cards.

7. The design for the back of your scratch off game card. Favorite options are calendars, motivational quotes or simply more information about your business. The goal is to give your customer something of value that will make them keep your scratch off game card and business contact information.

8. Your deadline. Make sure and tell your printer or business card designer how soon you will need your scratch off cards.

9. The turnaround time. Ask your printer or business card designer how long it will take them to finish your scratch off cards. Make sure to ask about proofing time, as well.

10. After you have all this information ready for your printer or business card designer, you are now ready to submit the order for your customized scratch off cards. Also do not forget to have your artwork ready.

Who uses our Scratch Off Cards?

Restaurants and pizzerias who want to reward their customers with a coupon on their next visit.

Schools are using our scratch off stickers to create their own scratch off card fundraisers. It’s saving them hundreds of  dollars.

Many businesses use them as Trade Show Incentives-offering a prize when their booth is visited and a chance to win a free gift.

Independent representatives for direct sales companies such as Avon, Tuppperware, Scentsy are just a few of the directs sales representatives that use our scratch off stickers..

Longaberger consultants are using them in their business as hostess incentives and customer rewards.

Small businesses who want to show appreciation to  their customer for their loyalty.

Industry printers who want to offer a new cost effective product line to their customers.

Graphic designers who want to add a new product line to their inventory.

Almost engaged men are using them to propose to their girlfriends in unique ways.

Parents who want to reward their children for getting their chores done.

Teachers are using our scratch off stickers in their classrooms. Kids love to scratch to find what they’ve won prize.

Moms are using scratch off stickers to conceal where to find the gifts that are too big to wrap.

Tell us how you’re using our scratch off stickers.

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