Scratch off stickers- Make your own scratch off cards
We offer scratch off stickers to make your own scratch off cards. What are scratch off stickers? Scratch off stickers are a clear sticker with a scratch off coating applied over the top. Applying our scratch off sticker over your prize printed on your card, protects the image and when it’s scratched, reveals the prize. Everyone’s scratching.

We offer small quantities of scratch off stickers, as well as large quantities for printers. We are the premier scratch off sticker vendor. We’ve been in business for over 7 years and believe that our business affects your business. You can count on us when it matters. Over 100,000 scratch off stickers in stock at any time.

Scratch Off

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Teachers- Reward your students with a scratch off card kit.

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Scratch Off

We know that seeing is believing. Watch our video and learn how you can use scratch off stickers and how easy it is to use them in your business.

The mystery is revealed, scratch to win

Lindsay, The party plan coach shows you how she uses them in her business.

Scratch Off

Scratch off promotions are eye-catching, fun, irresistible and can be created for less than you might think. You can create scratch off tickets just like the bigger companies, only for much less. Use one of our scratch off templates, print your card and apply scratch off stickers by peeling them from the liner and applying over the prize. You can also write or stamp the promotion onto your business cards.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Use scratch off stickers to make your own affordable marketing materials such as: scratch off business cards, bookmarks, invitations, or postcards. You can also design your own hostess incentives, direct sales marketing postcards and much more.