Champagne Bottle Scratch Off Labels, set of 30

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Champagne bottle scratch off labels! The newest trend in Save the Date Scratch off Cards.
You will receive 30 champagne bottle scratch off labels per set plus a blank scratch off template to customize as you want.

As a Bonus, you will also receive the "He Popped the Question!" Scratch off template. The champagne bottle scratch off labels are 2" tall and 1//2" wide. Your Bonus Scratch off template is post card size 5"x7". Your BONUS downloadable "He Popped the Question" scratch off template will be available immediately after you check out. Your champagne bottle scratch off labels will ship to your home within 1 to 3 business days.

When you receive your Bonus Downloadable He Popped the Question Scratch off template. It will look like this, with two on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet:

2. You will go to your favorite graphics program or an online photo editor such as Picmonkey and type your special dates into the rectangles. Make sure and use a bold font, approximately up a 20 in size fits perfectly. Type a number into each rectangle, do this until your complete date is in the boxes. Make sure and proof read your work.

3.Now it's time to SAVE your project to your computer.

You can choose to print your cards or send them to your favorite printer. Once you have your cards printed, your champagne bottle scratch off labels should arrive at your door within a week. Open the package and peel the champagne bottle scratch off labels from the liner and apply over the date on your first rectangle, then do the second rectangle and finally the third rectangle. That's it. You have now made your very own Save The Date He Popped the Question Scratch off Card. They're ready to be mailed out to family and friends to announce your special date!

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