Baby shower scratch off game- elephant theme post card

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Print your own baby shower scratch off game. Our adorable elephant themed baby shower scratch off game is ready for you to print the files and apply your square scratch off stickers. We have made it easy to print your own post card sized elephant themed scratch off game with just your printer.

This elephant themed baby shower scratch off game is the size of a post card. It measure 4" x 6". You can print two cards per sheet of card stock. We have included the cards all set up, just print and apply scratch off stickers

Included is:
One sheet with two blank prizes so you can personalize your own.
One sheet of two with the losing cards(print as many as you want)
One sheet that includes the winning card and a losing card, so you can print as many winners as you want.

24 Square Scratch off stickers, 1.5" silver

Directions: Open up your file, print onto card stock.
Apply 1.5” square scratch off stickers (included with your order)

Your printable scratch off game includes 24- 1.5” square scratch off stickers.

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