Missouri’s lock down has been lifted and life is getting back to a new normal. How are you marketing your business and reminding your customers you’re still around? How did your business fare during this time. The “essential” businesses had a rough time, how will the ‘non essential businesses” fare as we open up the country? Will scratch off cards for your business help you increase your sales?

If you’re looking to market your business and reward your customers, we offer scratch off cards to thank your customers for their business. Rewarding your customer is a great way for word of mouth to spread, excite your customer, give them a great experience and they will be back to support your business.

As times have been lean, you can use small incentives to reward your customers. A restaurant can be as simple as a free drink with your meal.
Your scratch off marketing campaign can be as simple as typing text into a circle on a set of business cards and covering it up with a scratch off sticker or as complex as custom scratch off cards, customized to your business with varying promotions, printed on a 16 point long lasting scratch off card.

Hair stylists can offer a free wash with a set or a small percentage off their next visit. Although around here, hair stylists were not considered “essential” so they are very busy now, six weeks from now that could change.

What changed for you during this lock down? I enjoyed the decrease in traffic, making u-turns on once busy streets but I also missed the people. Living in a city of 195,000 is a bit eery when you think of where did all the people go.

As the saying goes, we will all get through it, we are all in this together. The goal is to protect each other and make the best decision we can with what we have to work with. Marketing small businesses is an essential service to keep the United States of America moving forward.

Yes, all of our scratch off stickers are proudly Made in the USA

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